P3670666Golubački grad /Cetatea Golubăț /The Golubac Fortress

Medieval fortified town on the south side of the Danube River, 4 km downstream from the modern-day town of Golubac, Serbia. Marks the entrance to the Đerdap national park. It is strategically located on the embankment of the Danube River where it narrows to form the Iron Gate gorge. The name of the fortress and the modern town in its vicinity can be translated as the “Pigeon city” or the “Dove city”. Myth tell about beautiful Serbian girl named Golubana. A local Turkish pasha fell in love with her, but she loved a young Serbian man and rejected all the proposals and expensive gifts from the pasha. Angered, he took her down in a boat and either imprisoned her in the only cone-roofed tower, or tied her to the rock above the river and left her there until she died.